Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Some developments of my contents page designs. I think the last design is the better of the three.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

more designs...

Latest designs I have created as part of my Flux brief.

For the above idea, I referenced styles by the Futurists in my work. I wanted to play on the idea of a "Journey into now" transferring past styles into the present. I wanted the piece to look similar to old science / school textbooks, in order to reflect upon the idea of "Only Human" being something scientific or biological.

These designs feature the images I have created; by scanning my face and distorting the image by moving while the process took place. I feel the scans produced are really interesting and play on the idea of Only Human. The images maintain organic elements yet also feel somewhat robotic or non-human. The type on the second image I feel works best. Overall pleased with the developments so far!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Type Face.

Ever wondered what a conference between various different typefaces would look like? Watch this:

Really not sure how I feel about the ending to be honest. 
Comic Sans is never the hero! 
(I am hoping it's supposed to be ironic?!)


These beautiful stamps from Uruguay, between the years 1971-74, are just amazing! The palette and type use is simple gorgeous; I wish our stamps looked like this! 

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Sunday, 25 April 2010


Ok so these are fairly similar to a previous post; but here are some images of the developments I have made to my book binding project. I took my idea into letterpress and hand printed the statements onto some really gorgeous stock. I really like how delicate and precious they now look.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Book designs.

Here are a couple of collages I've created, which will feature on my box set for the book covers I have designed for Alan Warner. I've chosen the top design as my final image.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

(I feel) Out of focus.

I found this quote from Mark Twain and thought it was quite suitable to how I'm feeling and all the work I've got on at the moment. I decided to make something interesting out of it, just because I was bored. It's a REALLY bad quality image as my laptop really isn't wanting to co-operate with me right now, grr.

Flux; Spring edition.

Here is the original published copy of the spring edition of Flux magazine. I've been lucky to have my work published in the issue. It has been incorporated into the art direction of the publication, and is featured on the contents page layout. 

It feels odd seeing my designs in a glossy magazine! Also it's more odd that for our latest brief, we've been set the task of redesigning not only the cover and an article from the issue, but the contents page too; which poses the question of do I keep my work in the spread or remove it?! Tricky. Although I am over the moon I get the chance to display some work commercially, I wasn't too keen on the design that was chosen, but ah well - like they say; any publicity is good publicity!

p.s. excuse the poor image quality.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

I like this a-Lotta.

Lotta Nieminen works as both a graphic designer and illustrator. I love all of her work; it's nice to see someone not limiting themselves to one approach.

In the Flux.

Initial cover designs for Flux magazine. More work and improvements to be done; plus the design of the contents page and a double page spread about Bertie Blackman. 

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Illustrator seems to hate me...

But I have EVENTUALLY managed to complete my book cover series for novels by Alan Warner. They've evolved a lot since my last post about them, and I am much happier with the way they have turned out. The spines, when the books are stacked together, should spell out the name of the author.


Thursday, 8 April 2010

Simply awesome.

SNASK from Mike Crozier on Vimeo.

Amazing stop frame created by Michael Crozier for the agency he works for, SNASK.

Oh Fudge...

Just typing up my journal, and clicked onto Fudge design agency's website to get some images. Gavin Bates, the art director of the agency, came to give us a lecture a couple of weeks ago. I just love their web design - really clever - it's been created to look like an InDesign document in the process of being formatted.

Check it out >>

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

One hundred take two...

Here is my developed idea from the original designs created for my 100 brief. After gaining feedback from tutors, it was agreed that some of my original ideas would be interesting if I was to push them further, so I have created a new accordion book demonstrating these designs. Each page portrays a tip on how to reach the age of 100 (like before), however this time I have employed the type to illustrate what is being said in the copy. For instance, the letters from the word "Swim" are arranged to create the image of someone on a diving board. Really pleased with how it has worked out!

- "make love" and "eat fish"

-"travel" and "be positive"

- "laugh daily"
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